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Sep 21, 2017

Mehwish & Andrew

SO excited to share this quick photo session with Mehwish & Andrew from the other night! I've always experimented with the idea of editing for a more edgier/rusted look, but could never find the right set of pictures to test this look on. Mehwish and Andrew's wedding is coming up in a few short weeks (YAY!) and I thought they would be the perfect couple to try out this vintage/boho inspired look on. When planning for the shoot, I told Mehwish one thing...find a bohemian type of dress and try to match Andrew's look accordingly. I could not have been more excited when I saw the colors she picked and how it was going to be the perfect combination with the rustic, old-downtowny look of Decatur. Throw some vintage coke bottles, random crazy plant life, rustic alleyways and these two lovebirds, and you end up with a pretty epic vintage inspired shoot!

<3 <3 <3