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Sep 18, 2017
Safa + Saeed

Welcome back to TML Stories! You do not want to miss out on our story this week featuring Safa & Saeed’s grand Walima reception, held at the Greystone at Piedmont Park! I was so excited to meet this couple after a few phone calls back and forth ironing out the details for their events. Safa was the sweetest bride you could ask for and I love that she gave me complete creative freedom, every photographer’s dream come true! When you add that with an amazing couple and a venue located inside one of Atlanta’s famous parks (Piedmont Park), you end up with one of the best wedding days ever! We started out the day with getting ready shots of the couple at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead (absolutely LOVE this location!) and soon after, headed out to Piedmont Park. I love shooting at new locations because I am always trying to find new spots to get creative in. After scoping out the hotel, I found this private Japanese zen garden and knew I had to get some couple portraits at this location since the lighting was amazing at that time.  

I loved having the couple help get each other get ready for their reception because you get those cute little moments like Saeed helping Safa with putting her shoes on (Cinderella-esque moment!) and Safa helping Saeed with his bowtie and suit jacket. Receptions generally are more relaxed than the actual wedding days, so this also helped in allowing us to get the portraits that I knew they would love to have. It seemed as if we had the park completely to ourselves and I was so excited about having the time to go to each location I wanted. Huge thank you goes to Colleen (my partner in crime) for being there at my every call, whether it be a lens change or being a test subject when I needed to test out lighting, she was always ready for anything!
These two were absolutely picture perfect, check it out below! <3

Featured Vendors include:
Hair/Makeup/Dupatta- iShadow Studios
Venue- Greystone at Piedmont Park
2nd Shoot/Assisting- Colleen Archibald (Colleen DeAnna Photo)
Video- That Flash Life
Caricaturist- Tony Brischler
Coordinator- Andrea Outlaw