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Nov 30, 2017


Where do I even begin with Brittany and Marc?! These two were my complete dream <3

I always want my work to reflect the love and mood of each wedding since every wedding is unique in its own way. What I loved about Brittany and Marc’s wedding was that they had a more indie and almost gothic type of feel for their wedding (which my internal goth high-school self was absolutely in love with).  I always love photographing new locations, as it really allows me to create and think outside what I am used to.

Their beautiful wedding was held in a small town of Jewell, GA at the newly renovated Jewell House.  I was instantly in love with this venue from the minute I arrived as I knew this was photography heaven for someone like me. From the unique decor in the bridal room and groom’s barbershop parlor (THE perfect location for groom prep photos) to the unique barn style pavilion, every single detail about this wedding was absolutely perfect.  Everyone was so full of emotion and love that I knew this was going to be reflected in my photos throughout the day!

What I especially loved about Brittany and Marc was that they simply just let me create. They were natural and easy going,  always looking so effortless and I loved it.  Brittany was a natural model and always just kind of knew what to do when it came to expressions and nailing the shots and poses. Marc also had a (secret) model side to him that I loved because it really just went with what Brittany was doing. Put these two together and it was simply magic!

Even narrowing it down to these images was an extremely difficult task for me since I was pretty much in love with everything about this wedding. Marc and Brittany’s wedding really allowed me to think differently about my shoot style and step outside my comfort zone all while working with people that were absolutely amazing.  

Featured Vendors include:

Venue- The Jewell House

Makeup- EmeraldThirteen (IG)

Hair- Kelly Murphy

Bridal bouquet + Flower Crowns- Heather Quady @Sacred Floral

DJ- Complete Weddings + Events