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Nov 06, 2018
#HERAHAD Proposal Story

It’s been an exciting and very busy year for us at TML!  I really can’t believe the year is already coming to a close in the next two months, where did the time go?!We are so thankful to work with such amazing clients and now that things are finally somewhat slowing down I have decided to get back to blogging and recap some of my favorite shoots this year!

We are starting TML Stories this week with a very special and fun proposal story in San Francisco, California!  Without his future bride not knowing a single thing, Ahad was able to plan the entire scheme with Hera’s friends and family.  Since this was going to be such a memorable event, we decided to try something new when it came to filming their proposal by making it more of a vlog following him as the big moment approached.  Make sure to check out the video below if you haven’t already <3

Back to the proposal...After checking the Palace of Fine Arts out and planning where we were going to be stationed, it was almost game time!  It was the perfect setting with the Palace of Fine Arts being full of photographers/videographers/sightseers so we were able to just blend right in without anyone noticing.  The plan was to have Ahad pretend shoot the infamous “follow me to” pose on his phone and while she was faced away, he would pull out the ring and say whatever came to his mind during those moments.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect!  Hera was so surprised that Ahad would be able to coordinate us coming into town and plan this amazing proposal.  After we snapped a couple of photos to celebrate the actual engagement, we decided to plan a half-day engagement shoot around San Francisco the next day which could not have turned out any more amazing!

We started the engagement shoot with the most beautiful picnic setup by Hera (seriously, every last detail was picture perfect!). Ever watch Full house? We definitely made that picnic happen in front of the famous painted ladies and I honestly love how everything came together!  We ended the photoshoot at Sutro Baths (a location I highly suggest every photographer go to at least once in their life!) taking some amazing portraits of these two and a very epic looking swarm of birds that decided to take part in the shoot as well.  I am SO happy with how these images turned out and I honestly can’t wait for their wedding coming up in a few short weeks!

<3 <3 <3